L'Ecole - Battersea

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In September 2005, L'Ecole des Petits opened a second school in Battersea, this school was created to extend the age range at L'Ecole to cover from three to eleven years so as to provide a full pre-primary and primary education from maternelle to CM2.

The building is Victorian, being the former home of the Sacred Heart Primary School, run by the Salesians of Don Bosco since 1880.

The building underwent a complete refurbishment and a purpose-built extension in order to provide a school with facilities in keeping with todays educational requirements. Since the opening date eight more classrooms have been added, and today the school houses 13 classrooms and 8 ancillary teaching rooms (including ICT suite, library and Art room), plus gymnasium and canteen facilities.

At present 255 pupils attend L'Ecole de Battersea, from the Petite Section in Maternelle to CM2. (Ages 3-11)

The school continues with the bilingual emphasis given at L'Ecole des Petits and encourages pupils to be fluent in both French and English by the time they leave ( in spoken and written language). L'Ecole welcomes children from different countries, and its teaching reflects this international flavour (the school houses more than 30 nationalities). Family involvement is paramount, as we consider the parent-school relationship to be of huge importance for the child to become fulfilled in our setting.

L'Ecole de Battersea offers a great variety of cultural, artistic and sporting activities as personal development is considered to be as important at academic excellence.

The school is "homologuée" and follows the French National Curriculum combined with certain elements of the English Curriculum. Children are involved in French and English subjects and languages every day of the week.

Pupils can join the school at age three or at age six when they leave L'Ecole des Petits Fulham or when they arrive from another school.

The school also tries to accommodate, where possible, new pupils arriving during the year and at various stages of their primary education

Medical check

In Grande Section (12ème) a compulsory medical check takes place at school during the academic year. A parent will be asked to be present during this consultation


All children in "maternelle" (age 3-5) are required to wear a blue and white striped smock as a uniform. These are available for purchase from the school.

All children from "primaire" (age 6-11) are required to wear the school uniform as well as a specific outfit for sport and fencing.

Details of the school uniform are available on http://www.alley-catz.co.uk/shop/


The school strongly believes that every child needs a well balanced diet. Our canteen menu, approved by a dietitian, presents a variety of healthy nutritious food including international dishes every Tuesday: e.g. Caribbean chicken créole with rice and banana plantin, Indian chicken Korma, Mexican Beef chilli con carne (not spicy) with brown pilaf.