L'Ecole des Petits – Fulham

Founded in 1977 by Mme Otten, L'Ecole des Petits first started in a small Church hall in Chelsea.

In 1991, the school relocated to a refurbished Victorian building in the heart of Fulham, previously a community centre in the 1930s. (The Princess Beatrice Social Centre, inaugurated by the Duchess of York in 1931). The school retains the original plaque commemorating this on one of its walls.

During the 1950s, the building became an English School of Dance. It then remained empty until L'Ecole des Petits moved there, at which point it underwent a complete refurbishment.

The school in Fulham opened in September 1991 welcoming 60 pupils.

Today 135 children attend the school aged from 3 to 6.

L'Ecole des Petits was the first independent pre-primary school in Great Britain to be officially recognised as an Ecole Homologuée by the French Education Authority (Ministère de l'Education Nationale); a recognition which was confirmed in 1995.

L'Ecole des Petits houses 9 classes of maternelle from Petite Section to Grande Section .

The school caters for English-speaking and French-speaking children and provides learning in both languages. The school welcomes pupils from all over the world

L'Ecole des Petits follows the official French Education National curriculum and offers pupils an education in a warm and friendly atmosphere where, thanks to a policy of small classes, each child is encouraged to express him/herself. All French classes receive daily teaching in English.

Pupils at L'Ecole des Petits are expected to attend the school until end of Grande Section (5/6 years) if they later on wish to have a guaranteed place in a French primary school.

Medical check

In Grande Section (12ème) a compulsory medical check takes place at school during the academic year. A parent will be asked to be present during this consultation.


Children are required to wear a school blue and white striped smock as uniform. It is available for purchase from the school.


The school strongly believes that every child needs a well balanced diet. Our canteen menu (approved by a dietitian) presents a variety of healthy nutritious food including international dishes every Tuesday: e.g. Caribbean chicken créole with rice and banana plantain, Indian chicken Korma and Mexican Beef chilli con carne (not spicy) with brown pilaf.