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Hours & Terms

School Hours

Time Level Level Level

PS-2nd LB AM
 Petite Section (14ème)
 Moyenne Section (13ème)
 Grande Section
 8.30-8.45  Early birds*  Early birds*  Arrival
 8.45-9.00  Arrival  Arrival
 11.50  Home time

 12.00  Doors close

 Home time

 Home time

 Doors close

 Late stayers*
* Additional fees apply

There are no classes on Wednesday afternoons
Home time at 11.50, doors close at 12.00

School Holidays 2017-2018

Holiday Dates
School start From Wednesday 6th September 2017
Please see Back to school
Half term from Friday 20th October 2017 evening
to Monday 6th November 2017 morning
Christmas Holidays from Thursday 21st December 2017 evening
to Monday  8th January 2018 morning
Half term from Friday 9th February 2018 evening
to Monday 26th February 2018 morning


Easter Holidays from Wednesday 28th March 2018 noon
to Monday 16th April 2018 morning


Bank Holiday

Monday 7th May 2018

Half Term

from Thursday 24th May 2018 evening
to Monday 4th June 2018 morning

End of school year Wednesday 4th July 2018 noon

Please respect these dates and the school times for planning your holidays