Statement of Ethos and Aims Policy

Admission Policy

Curriculum Policy

Safeguarding Children Policy

Code of Conduct Policy

PSHCE Policy

Anti Bullying Policy

Cyberbullying Policy

Complaints Policy

Dietary and Allergy Policy

School Discipline Policy

First Aid Policy

Fire Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy

School Outings Policy

GDPR Policy

Surveillance & CCTV Policy

Flu Pandemic Policy - COVID-19

CV-19 Return to School Sanitary Protocol

No Formal complaint has been registered with the school during last year.

The following School Policies are available on request from the administration office:

- Medication Policy
- Principle of Laïcity and Worship Policy
- Disability Policy
- Equal Opportunities Policy
- Collection - Non Collection of Children Policy
- Internet Policy Staff and Parents
- Generic Risk Assessment Policy
- CV-19 Risk Assessment
- Special Education Needs Policy
- Safer Recruitment Policy
- Fencing Policy - (Battersea only)
- Mobile Phone Policy