Healthy menus for healthy children

The school strongly believes that every child needs a well balanced diet.

Our canteen menu, prepared by a qualified dietitian, presents a variety of healthy nutritious food including international dishes every Tuesday.

Our pupils have a two course meal with a main and a dessert. Children are supervised by class assistants and a canteen staff member.

All children are encouraged to taste and eat everything and to follow good table manners.

Pupils with food allergies are carefully supervised and are required to bring in a packed lunch.

Example of menu for a week:

Day Main Dessert
Monday Macaroni cheese with peas and tomatoes Seasonal Fruit
Tuesday Beef Strogonoff with rice Crème Caramel
Wednesday Half-Day
Thursday Roast of pork with roast vegetables Cherry bake well tart
Friday Grilled salmon with broccoli bake & steamed potatoes