Early Years

Underlying our school ethos is the aim to encourage children to enjoy coming to school, to feel safe and to be happy there; this in turn makes them receptive to learning and allows us to open their minds, to encourage curiosity and to develop their characters and personal abilities.

Building on this, the objective of our teaching is for them to master skills in both languages and develop an understanding of both cultures through being exposed to the specific qualities and characteristics of both the French and English educational systems.

Pupils are taught in French and in English, thanks to two teachers, one of whom is French speaking while the other is English speaking, and who work in close partnership in accordance with a specifically adapted calendar and curriculum.

The programme for Petite Section (Nursery), Moyenne Section (Reception) and Grande Section (Year 1) is oral based, taking into consideration the relevant communication and language skills, and from the French National Curriculum.

Phonics lessons in English are introduced in Moyenne Section (Reception) and Grande Section (Year 1) through a specific programme adapted from the English curriculum.

We are not required to comply with the English Early Years Foundation Stage requirements. Since 2012, we have received an exemption from having to meet these in the areas of teaching and learning from the Department for Education. This exemption has been renewed in 2021..